Please Disturb Me

Please Disturb Me was a series of exhibitions, installations and interventions at the Great Eastern Hotel in Liverpool St. London in 2001. The participating artists spent an initial investigative weekend at the hotel and then returned to install the works made as a response to their stay. Simon Tegala moved into the hotel for three weeks as Artist-in-Residence, on call 24 hours a day for guests. The hotel held three open weekends for visitors to the exhibitions and interventions which remained in place the whole time whilst the hotel restaurants and bars carried on their normal functions for guests. The participating artists were Franko B, Anouchka and Patricio Grose Forrester, Runa Islam, Peter Morgan, Simon Tegala, Gavin Turk and Ambient TV.

Please Disturb Me was developed and curated by Simon Tegala and was generously hosted and supported by the Great Eastern Hotel

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The Felix Trust for Art was the principal financial supporter with additional support in-kind from Bloomberg, Syzygy and Moet and Chandon

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