Move: Choreographing You

Move: Choreographing You at the Hayward Gallery , London October 2010

The Hayward Gallery presents seminal works and new commissions by leading artists, exploring the historical and current relationship between visual arts, dance and performance.

Move: Choreographing You invites the visitor to become a participant - and in some cases a dancer - in installations and sculptures by internationally renowned visual artists and choreographers. Exploring how dance has been a driving force in the development of contemporary art since the 1960s, the exhibition presents a series of sculptural works, set pieces and installations, which can be activated by the public and by a group of resident dancers in the gallery. Featured artists include Tania Bruguera, Boris Charmatz, William Forsythe, Isaac Julien, Mike Kelley, La Ribot, Robert Morris, Bruce Nauman, Tino Sehgal, Yvonne Rainer, Simone Forti and Trisha Brown.

Stephanie Rosenthal, Curator of Move: Choreographing You, says: "I believe that this will be a totally new approach to experiencing the crucial and inspiring relationship between art and dance. I hope that the exhibition will give people a new awareness of their own bodies in space and how they can interact with the environment around them."

The Felix Trust for Art supported a group of dancer interpreters from the Laban Centre to animate the installations.