Wild Walls London

Sunday 21 September                    7:30 pm (bar from 7 pm)                             FREE entry

The Monsoon Building was designed by Paul Hamilton and completed in 1969 as the offices of British Rail for the Paddington Maintenance Depot staff. The building was listed Grade II* in 1994 and was then purchased and restored by Monsoon who moved into their new head office in 2001.

(Image courtesy of Monsoon)


How to get there ?


The Monsoon Building is seen by everyone travelling into London on the M40 Westway on who's north side it nestles. It is situated in Paddington Basin, currently an area undergoing major regeneration and new building. This is an outside event, although covered and sheltered and there is a limited number of seats. Please note the building itself will not be open.

  The Monsoon building is easy to see but not so easy to find if you have not visited before.
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Event held in association with London Open House. The Monsoon building will be open to the public over the weekend.


Film Program

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'Autobahn' by Roger Mainwood, Halas & Batchelor and Kraftwerk (1974)

'The Child' by Antoine Bardou Jaquet (1999)

'Calcutta Go' by Hans Scheugl (1990s)

'Axis' by Kilian and Zeitler (1997)

'Auto' by Thomas Bayrle (1980)

'Autobahn-Kopf' by Thomas Bayrle and Stefan Seibert (1989)

'Der Gumminbaum' by Thomas Bayrle and T Kohl (1994)

'Sunbeam' by Thomas Bayrle (1994)


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Thanks to Peter Simon and Jo Stella-Sawicka at Monsoon, Thomas Dane Ltd and John Woroniecki of Baltic Restaurants for the bar.

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